“You’re My Missing Piece” Wooden Ornament

Item number: 66.0015.78
  • A great Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift
  • Table top ornament with the words “You’re My Missing Piece” and an image of two jigsaw pieces engraved
  • Doubles up as a coaster
  • Small wooden piece provided to allow you to prop your new ornament up
  • Made from quality 6mm thick wood
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Looking to treat a loved one to a special gift? These wooden ornaments are the ideal piece to do so. Manufactured from 6mm thick wood, these “You’re My Missing Piece” ornaments are certain to brighten up anyone’s day!

Engraved inside the wooden ornament are two jigsaw pieces, both which fit together perfectly. Underneath this image you’ll find an engraving of the words “You’re My Missing Piece”.

Provided with these wooden ornaments is a small wooden piece that enables you to stand your ornament up by simply slotting it into the small hole towards the base of the item. On the chance that you opt to not display your ornament in this way, these can alternatively be used as coasters too!

Made in the UK.
Material wood
Length 100 mm
Height -
Depth 45 mm
Width 100 mm
Version “You’re My Missing Piece” Wooden Ornament

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