“You’re My Cup of Tea” Wooden Ornament

Item number: 66.0015.77
  • Wooden table top ornament with the words “You’re My cup of Tea” and an image of a cup of tea engraved
  • Doubles up to be used as a coaster
  • Provided with a piece to slot into the wood, allowing the ornament to stand
  • A great little gift for Christmas, a birthday, anniversary…
  • Made with 6mm thick wood
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An ideal gift for your loved one, particularly those tea lovers out there. Treat your partner to a special “You’re My Cup of Tea” wooden ornament; perfect for an anniversary, birthday or as an out of the blue present.

Each ornament has an image of a cup of tea, as well as the words “You’re My Cup of Tea” engraved into the centre. You’ll also be supplied with a small piece of wood that can be slotted into the plaque, allowing it to effectively stand up. Although, if you’d rather not display your ornament in such a way, these also double up to be used as coasters.

Manufactured from quality 6mm thick wood, these small wooden ornaments are certain to bring a smile to anyone’s day.

Made in the UK.
Material wood
Length 100 mm
Height -
Depth 45 mm
Width 100 mm
Version “You’re My Cup of Tea” Wooden Ornament

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